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A great morning

So I was prepared to walk my other dog up to see him and he was outside mowing and while he waved at me as I passed, nothing more. I came back from the walk and my dog tried to walk up the stairs to his door and he must of saw because all the sudden I hear him stop the mower and I look and he says "Hey Patch, you trying to come visit?" And he came to see him and pet him. I talked to him at least a half hour today but probably longer, he complained about his mom (LOL) and told me more about his surgery and getting his cast off, and I offered to let him walk Patch and said, clearly he would love it, I wish I could tell you so you understand but Patch was like SOOOOOO content and happy. He was moving around on his back from side to side and waiting for belly rubs and following him everywhere. He asked me if he plays ball and I said no, but you can teach him and then he asked if he likes sticks and I said sure but he never used one with him, instead, he got up from petting him and starting running all around the front yard and Patch was so happy and chasing him. This is a very independent dog, he RARELY gets in these moods, he is much more content hunting critters or just chilling in the shade in the yard but he was happy and it made me want to melt. He would stop and psych him out and be like, come on Patch, come on... so yes, clearly Patch loves him and while if you know Patch, you could say he loves anyone... and he probably does, he is a dog, after all but he never plays with even people in my family. Once in a blue moon I'll get him going and have him chase me or he wants me to chase him but its not often. I could of taken pictures here and I wish I would of but for one, I only had my mediocre cellphone which probably would of suked at action but for two, I was so lost in the moment, I forgot. This happens when I am with him, I get so happy and everything feels so right, all I can do is stand there, smiling. I think next time I go by with pictures (yes I told him I'd bring pictures of the England wildlife because he apparently doesn't use email) I'll bring treats and have him have Patch do some tricks. We had lots of laughs like usual and he gave Dingo the nickname, "devil dog" and I again told him to please not give up on her. Don't give up on me. I told him to trust me and we could help her together, and I wont let her bite him. He says he will try again. We talked about his room, why? I have no idea, lol but he did again point out the room and it is the one right across from my window, if thats not a sign..... I asked as I was leaving if it was ok I stopped by yesterday and knocked and he says, oh yes! My mom gets so happy, she runs to yell for me... "that lady is here again with her animal" and then follows me until I go outside. She is very excited when you come by. (this can only make me wonder if she WANTS us to be together because she apparently hates strangers. She did smile at me yesterday when she opened the door)
If it wasn't for the whole text thing and honestly, it could be any reason, even someting as simple as I prefer to talk in person, I'd say he liked me. I can feel it and the way he acts just makes it seem and WHY would he invite me to "come by anytime" to the door and say its perfectly ok, I can tell you, even his male neighbor friend never does this. They only talk in the guys driveway. I swear I'd like to go by sometime without the dogs, because if he invited me in, I'd probably faint but I feel weird going there without them as I can't fully convince myself that its not true that he only talks to me because of them. I am trying to be patient and loving it but its so hard when we can't really hang out and talk, it is odd sometime being int he yard and he never comes to my yard. I wish I knew but I am too scared to say anything, at least right now...