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Update from england

Hi. It's 3 am in London and I have jet leg. Firstly my first oversea flight was über boring but hey I made it. My phone won't work here at all. Thank god for wi fi. Went to london eye yesterday but not much else. My big reason to blog....I talked to him right before I left. Wahoo. Things are great between us. I was so worried from last time that I almost talked myself out of going to chat with him. I told myself....all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and something great will happen. It is so true. I walked up to his front door and knocked. His mom answered. She seeemed confused and asked if I wanted to talk to him. Then went to get him. I told him I just came by to wish him good luck on his surgery since I will be gone when he has it. He thanked me and put on shoes and came out. He was petting the dog and we chatted. He asked me if I ever saw cujo. Ha hell no. He says it's good but I'd be seeing dogs different. Talked about therapy work and his surgery. It sounds so gross. He has to get the other hand done in august. He won't be back to work any earlier than march. Anyway he randomly asks me to go gt the dog who I wanted him to work with. He walked to my yard with me...omg it was perfect. I brought her out but unlike anyone before...he didn't back off. Just waited it out. Then asked me to hold her nose so he could pet her. He did...and this is something her vet can't even do. It's huge. The trust she had with him and trust he had in me. When we were working with ever. It felt so right. Like...we should do this forever. He is s calm. He is gonna work more with her when I am back. Can't wait. He met mom for like a second but she is so shy. She went back in. In shook his hand and say see you when I am back, ahhhh I touched his hand. Later I walked dodger and he was still outside. He came to pet him. We talked a lot about his mom and grandma and I brushed against his hand....to show him where dodger was burned years ago. He happily talked about baseball again. Then he said when I am back he would love a dog visit. He said to knock anytime and come by....even through the back door. I wonder who will help him out when he has surgery? Oh please not the lady friend. I wil, offer. Ya know...more and more it seems so right and meant to be. I really have never connected like this with anyone before.